2012 Ray Baartz Medal winner

In April, Men of Football held a function to announce their Jets player of the year.

The function was held at the Exchange Hotel Hamilton and our thanks go to Stew Smith and his staff for ensuring a successful evening.

I would also like to acknowledge Derek Thompson for his assistance with the trophy.

The award known as the Ray Baartz Medal was presented by Ray to a deserving young Taylor Regan who tipped out Kiwi international Jeremy Brockie by a single vote. 427 to 426.

Other players who polled well were Nikolai Topor-Stanley with 389 votes, Ben Kennedy and Ruben Zadkovich with 343 votes.

The award created significant interest over the season and has proved an excellent vehicle for building a healthy community relationship with the Jets.

This community relationship has been cast into the spotlight this week as our A-League team attempts to determine it’s future.

Men of Football appeal to negotiating parties to deliver a positive outcome for the Hunter football community.